Waltham Forest Council Tax Support Scheme

In 2013 central government capped the amount of council tax ‘benefit’ or support they give councils. From 2015 council tax support is completely localized and all support to those unable to pay, must be found from the general grant. Claimants have to pay a minimum 15% this year but from 2015 the council seeks to charge 23% followed by 32% in 2015, or 27% for both years. It will amount to £5-12 per week for claimants including JSA claimants surviving on £72p per week.

Non-payment of council tax is ultimately imprisonable and Waltham Forest has a high rate of court summonses purely for Council Tax, which is one of the most regressive taxes in the world.

Waltham Forest Trades Council is asking people to read the consultation and click the third box which is to reject both options, and to write or email your local councillors to object in the strongest terms (they may actually not know about it so contacting them and asking them to oppose it after the consultation is important). The consultation ends on Oct 20th.

Zacchaeus 2000 and UNITE Community are campaigning on this issue.

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