Big Breakfast for the NHS

Monday 13 October from 7 am

Whipps Cross Hospital main entrance (by Whipps Cross roundabout)

NHS workers have been through 5 years of pay freezes and pay caps. This has had a massive impact on their living standards, Inflation has already wiped out 12 per cent of the average NHS worker’s pay since 2011. Workers in the bottom two pay bands are paid less than the Living Wage and 70% per cent of NHS staff are not due a pay rise for another two years
On Monday 13 October Nurses, Midwives and other vital health workers will be striking for fair pay across England from 7am to 11am with emergency cover. This will be followed by four days of action short of strike action from 14-17 October for the rest of that week, where health workers will take their break, something many of us never get to do.
Let’s show our support for health workers and our NHS which is threatened by cuts and privatisation.

Join us on the picket line for a while, bring food and messages of support.

Called by Waltham Forest Save Our NHS

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