Sylvia Pankhurst anti-air war memorial re-dedicated

The anti-air war memorial erected by socialist and feminist campaigner Sylvia Pankhurst was re-dedicated in an event organised by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) to co-incide with World Disarmament Day. The monument was put up by Sylvia on the grounds of the “Red Cottage”, her home in Woodford Green, in 1935 to show opposition to the fascist Italian government’s invasion of Ethiopia.

At the event a statement was read on behalf of her son Richard Pankhurst, who lives in Addis Ababa. Other speakers at the event included peace campaigner Bruce Kent, Pankhurst’s biographer Katherine Connelly, former Ilford North MP Linda Perham and Iain Duncan Smith, MP for Chingford and Woodford Green.


The Left Unity women’s caucus banner made its first outing at today’s re-dedication. In a bit of irony, the banners of several groups including CND, the Green Party women’s group and our banner were asked to be taken down as the event was “unpolitical”. Somehow, I doubt Sylvia Pankhurst would have agreed!

More information on Sylvia Pankhurst can be found here

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