Public Meeting in conjunction with FOCUS E15 Campaign: Fred & John Towers Not For Sale

Come to the meeting on 24 February at the Epicentre, 41 West Street Leytonstone E11 4LJ and support the campaign.


Fred & John Towers viewed from Wanstead Flats, from the Focus E15 Facebook

On 11 November 2014, shameless Waltham Forest council, led by Labour’s Chris Robbins, unanimously voted for the decanting of human beings, the destruction of communities and the demolition of homes.

The council overrode the majority of residents of the 234 council homes of 17-storey John Walsh and Fred Wigg towers in Leytonstone who had voted Option 1 – the refurbishment of their flats. The council were only prepared to consider Option 3 – moving people out, selling off one of the tower blocks, building another block but losing 70 council properties in the process. The resistance is strong and the fight is on! Come to the public meeting, discuss the issues locally in Waltham Forest and make the link with those resisting social cleansing and gentrification all around London. For more information contact:
Facebook: focuse15mothers
Twitter: @focuse15

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