Election 2015 – Put the candidates on the spot!

This is the leaflet we’ll be using at hustings and on the streets in the run-up to the election on 7 May.


Leaflet – front & back
Leaflet – inside

Thanks to Fields of Light photography for allowing us to use their picture of our banner.

Israel voted for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

By Roland Rance, Waltham Forest Left Unity member

First published at socialistresistance.org

The victory of Binyamin Netanyahu in Israel’s general election on 17 March, on an overtly racist and uncompromising platform, has dismayed western leaders, and forced many “liberal Zionists” to reassess their attitude towards Israel. For Palestinians, however (whether citizens of Israel, subjects of Israel military occupation, or exiled refugees), the difference between the major parties was little more than a choice between cholera and the plague, and the outcome promises the continuation of the past 70 years of dispossession and oppression.

It was a huge personal victory for prime minister Netanyahu, and for his Likud party, with 30 seats. His closest rival, the Zionist Camp (an alliance between the Labour Party and the remains of Ariel Sharon’s Kadima) had just 24 seats. These results confirm the continuing move to the right within Israeli Jewish society. Meanwhile, half of the people living under direct Israeli rule were not eligible to vote; nor were the millions of Palestinian refugees living in exile.

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Anti-Capitalist Meetup: 24 hour Childcare – A “Revolutionary” idea that is an obtainable reform!

By Waltham Forest Left Unity member Susan Pashkoff.
Originally published at: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/03/15/1371096/-Anti-Capitalist-Meetup-24-hour-Childcare-A-Revolutionary-idea-that-is-an-obtainable-reform on 15 March.

Today is Mother’s Day in Britain (aka “Mothering Sunday”) and this topic is extremely appropriate. The idea of accessing 24 hour childcare is an old one … the questions that arise are why this is an important issue and why we should we be advocating for it? The next obvious question is how can we actually obtain it, in other words, what policies can ensure that this is viable and offers a positive transformation (that offers fulfilment to women and children where their needs and wants are covered) rather than a negative one?

How do we understand the oppression of women? Is it something that can be easily solved with reforms within the system (e.g., unequal pay, equality under the law, access to education and work)? Or does our oppression derive from the nature of class societies, property ownership, and our role in social reproduction? For me, it is the latter and that is why I do not think that reforms are sufficient, but they certainly can be done and must be done, if only to address inequality. These reforms may not affect our oppression much (which will require the overthrow of class societies based upon property), but they will make our lives easier and they will also get allies to understand the nature of our oppression. I do not know about you, but I simply refuse to wait until the revolution for women’s oppression to be understood and inequality to be addressed. We are raised in the context of our societies and if we do not address this before we transform society, then, I am certain that those raised in these societies will never understand the need for change (or it will always be put off as there are other more immediate things that need to be addressed, as usual).
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Stop the demolition of Sweets Way, Barnet

Please sign the petition at change.org

Sweets Way Resists is a group of concerned residents and ex-residents of the Sweets Way estate in Barnet and our supporters. We believe that property company Annington’s so-called ‘regeneration’ of our estate benefits private developers at the expense of our community.

Annington’s plans have evicted dozens and forced many people out of London. Our homes are well built and perfectly habitable and the estate offers green spaces and gardens for our kids to play and the community to come together.

Barnet Homes have repeatedly told us that there are no appropriate homes for us in Barnet, but they are wrong: we are living in them!

We demand:

1. No demolition of the homes on Sweets Way estate

2. Repopulation of empty homes, with right to return for all decanted residents

3. Immediate stop to all eviction proceedings against residents

If Annington can’t provide homes at Sweets Way that we can afford, we demand that they sell the estate to Barnet Council at a cost the council can afford.

Emergency Meeting – Waltham Forest Disability Resource Centre

Please come to an Emergency General Meeting:
Disability Resource Centre Under Threat.

Wednesday 18th March, at 7pm.
At Waltham Forest Disability Resource Centre, 90 Crownfield Road, Leytonstone E15 2GB (entrance in Amethyst Road).

DRC is losing its Council funding at the end of March and is now in real danger of closing. We are calling on everyone who cares about the Centre – not just the disabled people who come here, but also family and friends who know how important the Centre is for their loved one – to come to our Emergency General Meeting next Wednesday, to:
• Get up-to-date information about possible closure of the Centre.
• Find out about our campaign to lobby the Council and win public support.
• Find out how family and friends can spread the word about our Campaign and help us attract donations/sponsorship from local people and businesses.
We really need your help.

Please come to our Extraordinary General Meeting on Wednesday 18th March. If you can’t come next Wednesday, but would like to help, please contact us on 020 8534 1589 or reception@wfdrc.org.uk.

change.org petition

Stop benefit sanctions – national day of action, 19 March 2015

From Unite the Union


More and more people are facing benefit sanctions. Over 2 million people have had their money stopped in the past 2 years.

That’s 2 million people, many of whom have been plunged into poverty, unable to heat their homes or even eat. How is this meant to help prepare people for work?

Benefit sanctions must be fought against.

These sanctions are cruel and handed out for ridiculous reasons such as:

  • Arriving minutes late to a meeting
  • Not applying for jobs when waiting to start a new job!
  • Missing an appointment on the day of the funeral of a close family member.

This has to stop.

Up and down the country on Thursday 19 March we will be protesting against the cruel use of sanctions.

FOUR ways to get involved:

  • Join an event near you on Thursday 19 March to stop benefit sanctions in your community.
  • Sign our petition calling on the government to stop using sanctions.
  • Share your story – we are looking for people who have been sanctioned to tell their story.
  • We want to show the reality and impact on people’s lives – show your support – share on Twitter and Facebook #No2Sanctions Like us on Facebook.