Disabled People Against Cuts target Iain Duncan Smith

Roderick reports on a protest against Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford.

As part of Disabled People Against Cuts’ “Revenge Tour” targeting government ministers, around 30 activists held an action in Chingford on Saturday afternoon (25 April) targeting Iain Duncan Smith’s constituency office. They included Len Hockey of the Socialist Party who is standing as a TUSC candidate in IDS’ constituency, and a representative of the local Green Party. 

Protesters spent around an hour leafleting the area, getting overall quite a positive response from residents before marching to the constituency office and assembling there to hear speeches. They included a particularly angry speech from an Ipswich activist who stated that personal friends of his had died as a direct consequence of the Tory cuts IDS has been implementing. 

Paula Peters, a member of the DPAC national committee, spoke about Smith’s hypocrisy in implementing the bedroom tax while living rent free in a country house with 10 bedrooms, courtesy of his father in law, and claiming expenses for personal items including £100.56 for wet wipes – and for underwear.

In appreciation of IDS’s underwear problem, campaigners carried along two washing lines with boxer shorts and Y-fronts, which they hoped he might find helpful. They were decorated with messages such as “we paid for these’ and brought an extra bit of colour to what was a very successful action.

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