About Left Unity

Waltham Forest Left Unity is one of ninety branches of Left Unity, a party set up on the 30th November 2013 in response to the call from the film director Ken Loach for a new party, uniting all those who are disgusted by the Labour Party’s failure to stand up for working people against corporate interests.

We are a socialist, democratic, feminist, green and internationalist party.

We are a socialist party, we want an economy whose main levers of power, the financial sector, large scale industry, energy, transport and communications, are in public ownership.

We are a democratic party, we want the principles of elections and accountability to apply to all those who wield  power whether in government or in the workplace.

We are a feminist party, not just in words, but in deeds: we believe that least 50% of those in party leadership positions should be women.

We are a green party: environmental sustainability should be at the core of economic policy. We want a transport policy which puts the interests of the disabled, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport first.

Unlike the Labour Party we are not embarrassed by trade unions. We encourage our members to join trade unions and be active in them.

We are internationalists and we reject any attempt to blame ethnic minorities and immigrants for problems caused by corporate greed.

We are an inclusive party, open to all who share our goals, irrespective of their gender, race, religious belief or sexuality.

We meet on the first and third Thursday of every month at the Quaker Meeting House , 1A Jewel Rd, London E17 4QU. (Nearest tube Walthamstow Central). Quaker Meeting House, Bush Road, E11 3AU. (Nearest tube Leytonstone). We look forward to seeing you.

We welcome new members who share our aims and who live or work in Waltham Forest.  For further information, please contact us using this form.

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