Whipps Cross Hospital: PFI is not our debt, scrap it now!

from Waltham Forest Trades Council

Demonstration – 12-2pm on Wednesday June 3rd – at the gate of Whipps Cross Hospital

It’s no accident that years of privatisation in all its guises, under governments of all colours, has undermined our NHS. Private profiteering companies suck the lifeblood out of the public purse for their own gain.

Nurses suffer pay down-banding. Some porters eke out a living on zero-hour contracts. Domestics struggle on different agency rates for the same job. At the same time overpaid high-handed managers make unrealistic, even bullying, demands.

Yet, despite such difficulties the staff at Whipps Cross do a marvellous job. Their loyalty and commitment is recognized by thousands of grateful patients, and even by the CQC – at least in words.

But Whipps Cross, all its staff and everyone in our borough face a real Emergency.

The response to the critical report of the CQC and the draining of finances due to exorbitant demands of PFI contractors at the London Hospital could pose a threat to the very existence of Whipps Cross. There are rumours of a state-of-the art hub, or something – but not a General Hospital. We cannot let this happen.


Rabina Khan for Mayor of Tower Hamlets

This statement has been agreed by Left Unity’s executive committee.

Left Unity supports Rabina Khan in the 11 June re-run of the Tower Hamlets mayoral election.

She is standing to defend democracy in Tower Hamlets at a time when the council is being taken over by Tory government agencies, whipping up Islamophobic scare stories to justify sending in Eric Pickles and his unelected commissioners. The continuing case against Lutfur Rahman, who has vowed to clear his name, is being used as an excuse to dismantle the whole democratically elected council.

Rabina has a strong left-wing record. As cabinet member for housing in Tower Hamlets she has overseen the building of thousands of new social and affordable homes, and the investment of millions of pounds in refurbishing council housing. If successful she would become the first elected female Muslim mayor in Britain.

We call on the left to unite in support of the campaign to defend democracy in Tower Hamlets and in support of Rabina Khan’s candidacy.

There is more about the campaign at Rabina Khan’s website.


5 things Londoners can do to help Rabina Khan get elected in Tower Hamlets

Surround Yarl’s Wood detention centre

From Movement For Justice

Surround Yarl’s Wood on 6th June
Set to be the biggest demonstration ever outside Yarl’s Wood


Join us in our fight to END detention, END Fast Track and
STOP the scapegoating of immigrants

MFA London Coaches meet 9.30am, Euston Station (Eversholt st), email mfj@ueaa.net for a seat (see facebook event for other coaches)

Facebook event

The Independent: ‘Hipster cop’ picture taken as police watched as tensions rose at EDL protest in Walthamstow


Stop the EDL marching in Walthamstow, 9 May 2015


Background here

Update 17 April: Statement from Waltham Forest UAF:

Waltham Forest says ‘stop the EDL’ on Saturday 9 May

The English Defence League has announced plans to march through Walthamstow on Saturday 9 May. The EDL is an extremely violent, fascist group that whips up hatred and intolerance. It particularly targets Muslim communities.

This violent, street-fighting group had originally planned the march through Woolwich in a sickeningly cynical attempt to exploit the death of Fusilier Lee Rigby who was murdered outside the army barracks in 2013. However, Lee Rigby’s mother expressed her disgust at the EDL plans. In a statement she wrote, “I have never given any permission or agreed to any part of this demonstration, I have never believed in this nor would Lee.”

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Election 2015 – Put the candidates on the spot!

This is the leaflet we’ll be using at hustings and on the streets in the run-up to the election on 7 May.


Leaflet – front & back
Leaflet – inside

Thanks to Fields of Light photography for allowing us to use their picture of our banner.

Israel voted for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

By Roland Rance, Waltham Forest Left Unity member

First published at socialistresistance.org

The victory of Binyamin Netanyahu in Israel’s general election on 17 March, on an overtly racist and uncompromising platform, has dismayed western leaders, and forced many “liberal Zionists” to reassess their attitude towards Israel. For Palestinians, however (whether citizens of Israel, subjects of Israel military occupation, or exiled refugees), the difference between the major parties was little more than a choice between cholera and the plague, and the outcome promises the continuation of the past 70 years of dispossession and oppression.

It was a huge personal victory for prime minister Netanyahu, and for his Likud party, with 30 seats. His closest rival, the Zionist Camp (an alliance between the Labour Party and the remains of Ariel Sharon’s Kadima) had just 24 seats. These results confirm the continuing move to the right within Israeli Jewish society. Meanwhile, half of the people living under direct Israeli rule were not eligible to vote; nor were the millions of Palestinian refugees living in exile.

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Left Unity votes to support BDS

Left Unity’s recent conference voted to adopt the following motion on Palestine and BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) proposed by Waltham Forest Left Unity branch:

Left Unity stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle against oppression and dispossession. We will work and campaign towards a just resolution of the Palestine conflict, and towards a future without violence and discrimination.
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