Rabina Khan for Mayor of Tower Hamlets

This statement has been agreed by Left Unity’s executive committee.

Left Unity supports Rabina Khan in the 11 June re-run of the Tower Hamlets mayoral election.

She is standing to defend democracy in Tower Hamlets at a time when the council is being taken over by Tory government agencies, whipping up Islamophobic scare stories to justify sending in Eric Pickles and his unelected commissioners. The continuing case against Lutfur Rahman, who has vowed to clear his name, is being used as an excuse to dismantle the whole democratically elected council.

Rabina has a strong left-wing record. As cabinet member for housing in Tower Hamlets she has overseen the building of thousands of new social and affordable homes, and the investment of millions of pounds in refurbishing council housing. If successful she would become the first elected female Muslim mayor in Britain.

We call on the left to unite in support of the campaign to defend democracy in Tower Hamlets and in support of Rabina Khan’s candidacy.

There is more about the campaign at Rabina Khan’s website.


5 things Londoners can do to help Rabina Khan get elected in Tower Hamlets

Disabled People Against Cuts target Iain Duncan Smith

Roderick reports on a protest against Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford.

As part of Disabled People Against Cuts’ “Revenge Tour” targeting government ministers, around 30 activists held an action in Chingford on Saturday afternoon (25 April) targeting Iain Duncan Smith’s constituency office. They included Len Hockey of the Socialist Party who is standing as a TUSC candidate in IDS’ constituency, and a representative of the local Green Party. 

Protesters spent around an hour leafleting the area, getting overall quite a positive response from residents before marching to the constituency office and assembling there to hear speeches. They included a particularly angry speech from an Ipswich activist who stated that personal friends of his had died as a direct consequence of the Tory cuts IDS has been implementing. 

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Waltham Forest general election hustings – update 3

Here is an incomplete list of hustings where residents will have the opportunity to hear what candidates have to say and hopefully to ask them questions:

Date Constituency Location Time Notes
17 April Leyton & Wanstead Tawhid Mosque, 80 High Road, Leyton 8.15pm
21 April Walthamstow Waltham Forest College 11.00am Awaiting confirmation
21 April Walthamstow St Mary’s Church, Church Hill, Walthamstow, E17 3BD 7.30pm details
22 April Walthamstow Waltham Forest Trades Council: Waltham Forest Girls’ School 6.30pm details
24 April Walthamstow Waltham Forest Islamic Association, 119-121 Grove Road E17 9BU 8.45pm
25 April Leyton & Wanstead Churchill Room, Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road 11.00am
25 April Chingford, Leyton & Wanstead, Walthamstow Waltham Forest Women’s Network: Wood St library. Women only. 4.00pm details
27 April Leyton & Wanstead Woodford Memorial Hall, High Road, South Woodford 7.30pm
29 April Walthamstow Sir George Monoux College,
190 Chingford Road, Walthamstow E17 5AA
7.00pm details
29 April Leyton & Wanstead St John’s Church, Church Lane, Leytonstone, E11 1HH 7.30pm details

This list will be updated as we find out more.

Election 2015 – Put the candidates on the spot!

This is the leaflet we’ll be using at hustings and on the streets in the run-up to the election on 7 May.


Leaflet – front & back
Leaflet – inside

Thanks to Fields of Light photography for allowing us to use their picture of our banner.

Israel voted for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

By Roland Rance, Waltham Forest Left Unity member

First published at socialistresistance.org

The victory of Binyamin Netanyahu in Israel’s general election on 17 March, on an overtly racist and uncompromising platform, has dismayed western leaders, and forced many “liberal Zionists” to reassess their attitude towards Israel. For Palestinians, however (whether citizens of Israel, subjects of Israel military occupation, or exiled refugees), the difference between the major parties was little more than a choice between cholera and the plague, and the outcome promises the continuation of the past 70 years of dispossession and oppression.

It was a huge personal victory for prime minister Netanyahu, and for his Likud party, with 30 seats. His closest rival, the Zionist Camp (an alliance between the Labour Party and the remains of Ariel Sharon’s Kadima) had just 24 seats. These results confirm the continuing move to the right within Israeli Jewish society. Meanwhile, half of the people living under direct Israeli rule were not eligible to vote; nor were the millions of Palestinian refugees living in exile.

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The Mouse Has Roared – Greece post-Elections

By Waltham Forest Left Unity member Susan Pashkoff

The Greeks have said enough! Hope has defeated fear and SYRIZA has won the election and have beaten New Democracy and the fear-mongers, as expected. This is a major victory for anti-austerity forces which could change the economic and political landscapes.

However, they did not win an outright majority (they were short 2 seats) and were forced into coalition with a right-wing, nationalist (pro-Greek Orthodox) anti-austerity party, the Independent Greeks (referred to as ANEL from now on).
 photo 57055606-f937-4671-a7b2-1ba4704d70e6_zpsd6efb423.jpg
Irrespective of this, we do have quite a lot to celebrate! The election of SYRIZA is a shot directly across the bow of neoliberalism and its flagship of ideas, aka as the austerity project. The European ruling class (which includes mainstream political leaders) are a wee bit shaken especially Germany. Whether or not the Troika is forced to negotiate the debt successfully, this is a victory and it is forcing the ruling class in Europe to take stock over whether austerity (and destroying the working class) is more important than the EU project. The stakes are literally that high!

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