Public meeting: Stop Trident – jobs not bombs!


7.30-9.30pm, Monday 15 February

Leytonstone United Free Church, 55 Wallwood Rd, London E11 1AY
(Five minutes from Leytonstone tube station)

Trident is a weapon of mass destruction. Its use would be illegal and immoral. It would kill millions of people, maim millions more, and render vast parts of our world uninhabitable for generations. But the government is proposing to spend £100 billion (and inevitably much more) on renewing it.

We oppose this criminal waste of human and natural resources. The same money and skills could be used to produce renewable energy, to support and improve our schools and hospitals, to pay a decent wage to millions of public service workers and to end the vicious attacks on poor, sick and disabled people.

In the run-up to the national demonstration on 27 February, Waltham Forest Left Unity invites you to a public forum with CND General Secretary Kate Hudson, and Sophie Bolt from Waltham Forest Stop the War. All welcome.

Leytonstone United Free Church

Waltham Forest general election hustings – update 3

Here is an incomplete list of hustings where residents will have the opportunity to hear what candidates have to say and hopefully to ask them questions:

Date Constituency Location Time Notes
17 April Leyton & Wanstead Tawhid Mosque, 80 High Road, Leyton 8.15pm
21 April Walthamstow Waltham Forest College 11.00am Awaiting confirmation
21 April Walthamstow St Mary’s Church, Church Hill, Walthamstow, E17 3BD 7.30pm details
22 April Walthamstow Waltham Forest Trades Council: Waltham Forest Girls’ School 6.30pm details
24 April Walthamstow Waltham Forest Islamic Association, 119-121 Grove Road E17 9BU 8.45pm
25 April Leyton & Wanstead Churchill Room, Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road 11.00am
25 April Chingford, Leyton & Wanstead, Walthamstow Waltham Forest Women’s Network: Wood St library. Women only. 4.00pm details
27 April Leyton & Wanstead Woodford Memorial Hall, High Road, South Woodford 7.30pm
29 April Walthamstow Sir George Monoux College,
190 Chingford Road, Walthamstow E17 5AA
7.00pm details
29 April Leyton & Wanstead St John’s Church, Church Lane, Leytonstone, E11 1HH 7.30pm details

This list will be updated as we find out more.

Election 2015 – Put the candidates on the spot!

This is the leaflet we’ll be using at hustings and on the streets in the run-up to the election on 7 May.


Leaflet – front & back
Leaflet – inside

Thanks to Fields of Light photography for allowing us to use their picture of our banner.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: 24 hour Childcare – A “Revolutionary” idea that is an obtainable reform!

By Waltham Forest Left Unity member Susan Pashkoff.
Originally published at: on 15 March.

Today is Mother’s Day in Britain (aka “Mothering Sunday”) and this topic is extremely appropriate. The idea of accessing 24 hour childcare is an old one … the questions that arise are why this is an important issue and why we should we be advocating for it? The next obvious question is how can we actually obtain it, in other words, what policies can ensure that this is viable and offers a positive transformation (that offers fulfilment to women and children where their needs and wants are covered) rather than a negative one?

How do we understand the oppression of women? Is it something that can be easily solved with reforms within the system (e.g., unequal pay, equality under the law, access to education and work)? Or does our oppression derive from the nature of class societies, property ownership, and our role in social reproduction? For me, it is the latter and that is why I do not think that reforms are sufficient, but they certainly can be done and must be done, if only to address inequality. These reforms may not affect our oppression much (which will require the overthrow of class societies based upon property), but they will make our lives easier and they will also get allies to understand the nature of our oppression. I do not know about you, but I simply refuse to wait until the revolution for women’s oppression to be understood and inequality to be addressed. We are raised in the context of our societies and if we do not address this before we transform society, then, I am certain that those raised in these societies will never understand the need for change (or it will always be put off as there are other more immediate things that need to be addressed, as usual).
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Left Unity votes to support BDS

Left Unity’s recent conference voted to adopt the following motion on Palestine and BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) proposed by Waltham Forest Left Unity branch:

Left Unity stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle against oppression and dispossession. We will work and campaign towards a just resolution of the Palestine conflict, and towards a future without violence and discrimination.
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