Report from the Junior Doctors’ picket line, Whipps Cross Hospital


At 9am there are about 35 people at the picket line, about half doctors, alongside the Unison and Waltham Forest Save Our NHS banners.
Huge support from passing motorists. Other doctors have split off to meet the public at Leytonstone and Walthamstow tube stations. A rally will be held at the main entrance on Whipps Cross Road at 5.30pm.
Whipps Cross is part of Barts Health, one of the most heavily indebted NHS Trusts. 10% of the Trust’s budget is being spent on servicing a £1.1bn PFI scheme.

The next strike is planned for 10 February.

Charlotte Monro reinstated!

Charlotte Monro, the UNISON union rep at Whipps Cross Hospital who took her employer Barts Health to an Employment Tribunal after being sacked on spurious grounds, has been reinstated.

This is a great victory for Charlotte, for the rights of trade unionists in the NHS, and against victimisation and bullying.

Barts’ statement is here. A statement from Charlotte and her supporters can be read at

Congratulations to Charlotte and everyone that campaigned for her!

Reinstate Charlotte Monro

***UPDATE 23/1/2015 ***: Charlotte’s tribunal has been adjourned

More details here:

***UPDATE***: Charlotte’s employment tribunal was last week postponed until January.

Dear Friends

Charlotte Monro, an occupational therapist and UNISON representative at Whips Cross hospital in East London was sacked at the end of last year. The original charges related to her speech to Waltham Forest Council about cuts in the stroke service at Whips Cross and “breaching confidentiality” by informing her members about proposed job cuts and a worsening of their work conditions. Continue reading

Sign the petition: Reinstate Charlotte Monro, end the bullying climate in the NHS

Charlotte’s tribunal starts next week. If you haven’t already done so please sign the petition.

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NHS strike: Report from the Whipps Cross picket line

Around 35 health workers and supporters braved the weather from 7am at the picket line on Whipps Cross Road.
Unison, Unite and the GMB unions were represented. Many members of the public showed their support by sounding their horns as they drove past.

A longer report can be found here


Paramedics at the picket line

Paramedics at the picket line

Big Breakfast for the NHS

Monday 13 October from 7 am

Whipps Cross Hospital main entrance (by Whipps Cross roundabout)

NHS workers have been through 5 years of pay freezes and pay caps. This has had a massive impact on their living standards, Inflation has already wiped out 12 per cent of the average NHS worker’s pay since 2011. Workers in the bottom two pay bands are paid less than the Living Wage and 70% per cent of NHS staff are not due a pay rise for another two years
On Monday 13 October Nurses, Midwives and other vital health workers will be striking for fair pay across England from 7am to 11am with emergency cover. This will be followed by four days of action short of strike action from 14-17 October for the rest of that week, where health workers will take their break, something many of us never get to do.
Let’s show our support for health workers and our NHS which is threatened by cuts and privatisation.

Join us on the picket line for a while, bring food and messages of support.

Called by Waltham Forest Save Our NHS