Eviction Resistance in Redbridge

Yesterday UNITE Community Waltham Forest and supporters successfully prevented the eviction of Jenny, an Ilford resident. Jenny, a parent with health issues, was threatened with eviction from a house which is in a bad state of repair and from which she wants to move. However Redbridge Council only offered her temporary accommodation in a one bedroom flat in Harlesden, far from her disabled parents, her surgery and hospital. For now she and her family have a roof over their heads.

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Here are some videos of the action:

Stop the demolition of Sweets Way, Barnet

Please sign the petition at change.org

Sweets Way Resists is a group of concerned residents and ex-residents of the Sweets Way estate in Barnet and our supporters. We believe that property company Annington’s so-called ‘regeneration’ of our estate benefits private developers at the expense of our community.

Annington’s plans have evicted dozens and forced many people out of London. Our homes are well built and perfectly habitable and the estate offers green spaces and gardens for our kids to play and the community to come together.

Barnet Homes have repeatedly told us that there are no appropriate homes for us in Barnet, but they are wrong: we are living in them!

We demand:

1. No demolition of the homes on Sweets Way estate

2. Repopulation of empty homes, with right to return for all decanted residents

3. Immediate stop to all eviction proceedings against residents

If Annington can’t provide homes at Sweets Way that we can afford, we demand that they sell the estate to Barnet Council at a cost the council can afford.